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This is an "Information" page. Commerce takes place on my Victory Nutrition International website, which is vniinc.com/jen7.

This page has been specifically set up, to present informative videos about VNI's products and to help my visitors get a clear understanding of what they want and why before they ever go to our VNI website.

If you have a VNI friend that directed you to my page to see the videos, please visit their VNI website to register. Following these links takes you to my VNI website.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Jenny Vetter

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Before & After Visual example of changes that occurs within minutes of drinking Prodovite.
Prodovite Mr. Bill Downs explains the science and physiological impact in our bodies.
N-Sorb Mr. Bill Downs explains the science and physiological impact in our bodies.
Brain Reward Mr. Bill Downs explains the science and physiological impact in our brain.
ThionExtra™ Unfortunately there is not a ThionExtra™ video as of yet.
Register This is the instructions and tips when registering on your own.
Retail Purchase Follow the link to buy products from our VNI website.
Footer Has information about this page and a disclaimer.
The link in the top right corner refreshes this page. The Product links along the right side will open the product page on our VNI website where you can find .pdf's, product label, and VNI discriptions.

Blood 5 minutes before and after Prodovite™

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Brain Reward™

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Curently VNI has not released a video about ThionExtra™. There is plenty of information on our VNI website for ThionExtra™

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There is "NO" charge to Register with Victory Nutritional International. There is also "NO" yearly fee, website fee, or back office fee. Currently, we are recommending registering and then logging into your personal VNI webpage to place your first order.

  • Go to vniinc.com/jen7. In the upper right hand corner of the page, Click Register Now to save over 20% on your order. You will know you are on the correct page when it says jen7 on the page.
  • In the Select Your Products section, select Free Enrollment with Welcome Kit -0.00
  • Automatic Shipment Setup Filling out this section, will set in place an auto ship. You will be able to manege, change, deactivate, activate, once your registration is completed and you log into your back office. Special Attention: If you choose, not to set up an auto ship during registration, you will need to call VNI to have one set up.
  • If you selected "Free Enrollment with Welcome Kit and skipped the auto ship". There is not any reason to fill out the credit card section, at this time.
  • Set up your Replicated Website is where you separate your website from all others. It is also where you will go to place your orders. Ours is jkvetter. Use something easy to type and meaningful to you, if possible.
  • Now that your registration is complete, go to your vniinc.com/whateveryouchose and log into your back office.
  • Now that you are in your back office, go to Main Menu, and click Shopping Cart. You are now on your order page.

Retail Purchase

If you want to "try" the products before registering or you only want to be a "retail" customer you can. Go to Buy Retail.

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